Automotive Movers

Your Automotive Movers 'Your Motive _ Your Ride' - Bahrain

We believe just like your Pet your Ride is also the most important part of you.

Specialized well more than 2 decade we have moved Hundreds & Thousands of Personally owned Cars & Commercially Sold Vehicles and even BIKES all over the globe by AIR / SEA which makes us unique.

Our Move Specialist tailors an exclusive package to move your Automotive along with your Household Goods both to fit in the safest possible way “Just Like A Glove”

We cover all important aspects of Exports & Imports so that you get your Ride in “spic n span” outlook just as expected. Our extensive planning and engineering mind of structuring the safest mode of Transport and securing them for the Long-Haul transit.

We also handle Temporary Export / Import of Cars may it be DRAG RACE Cars & even for Delegates on Govt. duty wanting to have their Vintage / Luxury Cars, SUV or Sedans with them.

Preparing your Ride for the Voyage:

  • Service your vehicle to ensure that you have a hassle-free drive experience at your destination.
  • To retain enough charge for the length of the ocean voyage ensure your car battery is fully charged.
  • Keep a duplicate set of keys for your vehicle on hand at all stages of your move.
  • Check that your fuel-tank is at the minimum level – below a quarter full – for safety.
  • Clean your vehicle to make the pre-delivery and collection visual inspections easier