Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation Service in Company Bahrain

Relocating your Best Friends (Your Pets smile) back with you.

It’s a sheer JOY in having our Pets around us; they are such a stress reliever when we need it the most but moving to a new country with your Pet is always worrisome and if you are not familiar with the complex rules and regulations governing the transportation of your Pets’ journey could be quite a disaster.

Our Pet Relocations Advisors does a fine job in all aspect of your Pets’ travel ensuring the best moving options & Transit to happily be reunited with you.

Few Tips Our Advisor Will Walk Through With You On Preparing Your Pet’s Travel

  • Get a Proper Health Check and Update His / Her Vaccination Certificate
  • Chose the right Kennel
  • Pre-Check Export from / Import to Permits
  • Best Flight Routings Available From / To
  • Customs Clearance From / To
  • Final Delivery at Home

We partner with agents registered under IPATA & IATA network to ensure Pets’ smooth handling & transport in transit.